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Automatic Efficiency:
Our production center covers an area of 14000 square meters. Full automatic machines are more than 70%. The abrasives capacity is more than 0.9 million pieces per month.
Besides, the automatic machines can produce more precisely and more standardly. Benefits by it, we can easily keep the quality stable.

Advantage of Technical
Enterprise itself development, communication with raw materials suppliers, as well as the industry association conference, professional technical support of industrial institutions, we obtained the characteristic of technology accumulations.
Sino Abrasives Limited believes we have the ability to provide customized product service for each customer. 

Quality supervise system
We firmly believe that management is the first productive force. Sino abrasives limited had been certificated by ISO 9001 at 2009. 
Meanwhile, we had built ourselves quality management system- Smart system. Advanced chemical analysis equipment, scientific quality control methods, strict management system had ensured we can do standardized regulation and information records for daily work: it starts from raw materials, to production, to the finished product testing and so on.

Bonded ceramic abrasive wheel